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New Facebook Pages Features

This past week Facebook changed the way businesses interact with Pages.  We’ve fielded a number of questions, so we figured it would be best to address the updates in a blog post.

What changed?

One of the biggest changes is the ability for Page administrators to be logged in as the Page itself.

Facebook Page Admin ContolsThis means that I can now interact on other Pages as 454 Creative and not just Paul Bresenden. This is a huge opportunity for Pages to increase their exposure and drive a higher level of engagement.

Facebook Page News FeedPages now get their own News Feed and Notifications based on the Pages your Page “Likes”.

Facebook Wall PostYou can have your personal life back.  You no longer have to mix personal interaction with business interaction to respond to comments and leave feedback on other Pages. FYI, you still can't interact with an individual user profile as a Page.

Facebook Page OwnersYou can now feature Page Owners and select 5 Pages to permanently show up as featured likes. This allows for a personal connection behind your brand.

Facebook Wall PhotosRecent photos are now featured at the top of the Page’s Wall. Unlike a Profile, Page photos are pulled at random.

Facebook Sponsored StoriesAnother key change is the addition of a new advertising unit called Sponsored Stories. Let’s say you check in at your dentist. Some of your friends will see that, more likely the Friends who interact with you most frequently. If the update is popular, Facebook will automatically show it to more of your Friends. The more people interact with your post, the more priority Facebook will give it in the news feed to your Friends

Sponsored Stories allow your dentist to pay for that same update to be distributed as an ad unit to ALL of your friends. The goal is to provide wider visibility to an entire network of friends. Instead of a Page Admin having to generate the content themselves, they can leverage the network of fans to spread the message faster. Facebook Sponsored Stories show up next to the other ads on the right-hand side of the page. Currently, users are unable to opt out of Sponsored Stories.

Make more sense now?

Feel free to send us any additional questions. We’d love to hearhow you’ve taken advantage of the new Facebook Pages.

written by

Paul Bresenden

President & Executive Creative Director

Tags: social marketing, facebook, facebook pages