We’re a Digital Marketing Agency in Orange County focused on building growth strategies for established businesses and emerging brands.

Our Approach

We value innovation, thoughtful design, and quality work. From crafting powerful e-commerce websites to helping companies use business intelligence to align sales and marketing, we are the engine that drives businesses to success.

We are not stuffy and corporate. We’re real, down-to-earth individuals who expect the best from our team, our partners, and ourselves.

Our History

Founded in 2003 as an IT and Web Agency, we have built our clientele with a strong focus on web and digital technologies. Over the years we've evolved into a digital marketing agency with a holistic approach for creative campaigns; but we've never lost our technical acumen.

In 2008 we moved from Los Angeles to Orange County, eventually settling to the city of Irvine. Our team services global clients like Epicor Software and the National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts (, as well as serving regional organizations like Vanguard University.

Our Leadership Team

Photo of Paul Bresenden

Paul Bresenden

President & CEO

Photo of Jason Ajamian

Jason Ajamian

Brand Strategist

Photo of Will Chu

Will Chu

Technical Solutions Director

Photo of Chad Coltman

Chad Coltman


Photo of Tanya Dimapindan

Tanya Dimapindan

Art Director

Photo of Zach Espinola

Zach Espinola

Brand Strategist

Photo of Savannah Limon

Savannah Limon

Digital Advertising Manager

Photo of Jenna Lombrano

Jenna Lombrano

Brand Strategy Coordinator

Photo of Kenny Low

Kenny Low

Graphic Designer

Photo of Lauren McLeod

Lauren McLeod

Business Development Specialist

Photo of Sharon Melvin

Sharon Melvin

Director of Brand Strategy

Photo of Marissa Salcido

Marissa Salcido

Web Developer

Photo of Randy Smith

Randy Smith

Director of Project Management

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