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454 Creative’s 15th Year Anniversary

Sep 05, 2018

454 Creative’s 15th Year Anniversary

This year marks our 15th year in business. For those that don’t know the whole story, 454 Creative was born in 2003 in my parent’s hot, windowless attic in Whittier, California. From the beginning, we were focused on helping companies grow by leveraging the power of the internet. The early days were full of laughter, empty bank accounts, and swarming termites in the summer.  Every day felt like we were learning or inventing something new. 

One of my favorite parts of 454 Creative is the steep, never-ending learning curve. I can’t tell you how many nights have been spent focused on a client problem to meet a delivery deadline for the next day. We made big promises and we kept them.  This is something we hope to never lose no matter how big we’ve grown. 

Another obvious joy has been the people we’ve been able to work with and work for. From Steve, Justin and Adam as the early attic team to the amazing group of rockstars that fill our office today in Irvine, our team has delivered amazing work and brought friendships that continue far past any paycheck or job description. The same is true for our clients. The trust and friendship that has been shared with me and the entire 454 team is humbling. 

Along with our 15th year work anniversary this year, I’m also celebrating my 40th birthday next year along with my 10th year wedding anniversary. It’s a season of milestones. However, as I sit down to reflect on all of these milestones (did you know only half of all businesses make it 5 years?), the great realization is that my underlying emotion isn’t accomplishment or satisfaction, it’s expectation and unrealized potential.

Carl Jung famously said, “Life really does begin at forty. Up until then, you are just doing research.”  God willing, I have one more year left of research.  After that, we’re shifting into top gear!

Thank you all for the chance to do some of the most fulfilling and meaningful research of my career. I promise the next 25 years will be more efficient, but hopefully, just as meaningful and transformative.

454 Creative’s 15th Year Anniversary by Photo of Paul BresendenPaul Bresenden in Inside 454

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