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Meet the Brand Strategy Team

Jan 06, 2021

Meet the Brand Strategy Team

What does the Brand Strategy Team do?

Victoria: The Brand Strategy Team manages all client relationships and serves as the internal voice and advocate for the client to ensure timely, tactical, and creative execution. Additionally, the Brand Strategy Team leads all brand messaging and strategic planning work for clients both in and out of the Lean Marketing Framework process. The Brand Strategy Team's ultimate goal is to create a trusting and strong relationship while also fostering growth, creativity, and engagement for our clients. 

Sharon: Our job starts with listening to our clients. We seek to understand the ethos of the company, their current goals, their marketplace, and their customers. Then we are able to create effective brand messaging and marketing strategies that align with who they are and where they want to go.  We also share this knowledge with the creative team and collaborate to devise tactics specifically designed to go after their target audience. 

Taylor: The Brand Strategy Team builds and nurtures the agency’s relationships with all of our clients. Our Team collaborates with our clients to develop customized marketing strategies and brand identities. We aim to seamlessly bridge our clients' overall marketing goals to our creative team’s expertise and skills.

What do you love about working in marketing?

Victoria: I have always been drawn to digital marketing because of how accessible it has become and how powerful that access is. Reaching a huge audience used to mean television or print, now it means a million different things that can work together or on their own. I love learning and understanding new technologies and how they work for different clients in different ways. I also feel the marketing industry is one of the most collaborative environments out there and I love being able to network and discuss with my co-workers and peers. 

Sharon: I love discovering what businesses do well and then figuring out the best way to share that with the world. 

Taylor: I love the dynamic nature of marketing because it motivates me to continue learning. With innovation constantly changing the field of digital marketing, there are always new skills and tools to learn and apply to our marketing strategies with clients.

What does it mean to be a part of an all-female brand team?

Victoria: To me being a female in the marketing/advertising industry alone is a triumph. It has been only in recent years that women have been promoted and hired into senior roles in advertising and marketing and to have our team be all female speaks to the future of this industry and the hard work of this team. While I enjoy working with all genders, the power behind an all-female team of Brand Managers feels really important and unique. I feel each of us on the team recognizes the strength we find in each other and are all empowered when we succeed as a team and individuals.  

Sharon: It is really powerful and empowering. We spur one another on to continue to develop our skills, collaborating with each other to elevate our services, and helping one another when someone has too much on their plate. 

Taylor: Being a part of an all-female brand team is empowering. I feel constantly supported and valued by my teammates and I am extremely grateful to get to work with and learn from such inspirational, wise and kind women!

Who you would dream brand be to work alongside, and why?

Victoria: A dream brand for me to work with would be Vans because of their strong brand style and message as well as their consistently energizing creative and partnerships. I personally have been a fan of the brand and passionate about fashion/lifestyle photography throughout my career. When a brand has such a clear understanding of who they are and what they want, there is such incredible potential to go to new heights. I'd love to be part of the success for a brand with such unique authenticity and strong integrity.  

Sharon: I would love to work with Able. They create beautiful, quality products while training and hiring women who are successfully emerging out of poverty. I am excited that our consumer culture is evolving, and people are using their purchasing power to impact the greater good - Able is a great example of a business that is at the forefront of this trend, and they are creating a positive impact in the world. 

Taylor: My dream brand to work with would be TOMS because they strive to positively impact the world through their brand. From their partnerships with organizations committed to creating positive change to their internal Giving Team dedicated to funding and supporting causes worldwide, I believe TOMS is the leader in creating an impactful brand and I would love to be able to contribute to their mission.

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