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Meet the Executive Team

Mar 23, 2021

Meet the Executive Team

At 454 Creative, 3 teams work together to ensure we are living out our objectives of making it matter, making it happen and making it awesome for our clients. These teams- the Executive Team, the Brand Strategy Team and the Creative Team may each have unique responsibilities but they all have shared goals: our success via our client's success. The Executive Team, led by our President Paul Bresenden, is responsible for leadership and oversight of our Agency and developing expertise in our team members. 

Paul Bresenden

Paul is the President and Founder of 454 Creative. His focus is on designing marketing strategy for mid-market firms with a focus on B2B Software, Manufacturing and Professional Services.  In addition to founding 454 Creative, Paul is a managing partner in Balboa Equity Partners, a real estate investment firm in Newport Beach, California and is actively involved in a number of non-profit and community organizations.

What does Paul love about his work at 454 Creative?
I love helping companies grow profit and revenue.  Often, people are coming to us because they have a hard problem to solve. Those are my favorite. I love B2B, considered-purchase, or complex technical projects. I love the challenge! It’s so rewarding to see businesses succeed and grow because we’ve built a unique solution for the unique problem.

Brooks Nelson
Director of Business Consulting

As the Director of Business Consulting, Brooks handles sales for the agency, but also provides consulting for 454's clients in the areas where Sales and Marketing overlap. In addition to 5 plus years training in the Sandler System, Brooks draws upon over a decade of experience in Business Development for the IT industry, as well as his degree in Communication from the University of Arizona.

What does Brooks love about his work at 454 Creative? 
Every day we are given new problems to solve, and I have the chance to put myself in the shoes of our clients and our clients’ clients. This constant perspective shifting keeps me mentally fresh, but also provides a level of empathy that I get to carry over into my roles as a husband, father, and friend.

Victoria Langton
Director of Brand Strategy

Victoria brings eight years of Account Management and client services to the 454 Creative team. As a creative herself, with a decade of professional photography experience, Victoria’s attention to detail and enthusiastic attitude ensures project success as well as client satisfaction. Previously based in D.C., Victoria has worked as a digital expert at agencies, non-profits, and e-commerce businesses. With a strong background in social media marketing, brand messaging, and strategic planning, Victoria is a one-stop-shop for understanding key analytics, areas of improvement, and agile marketing.

What does Victoria love about her work at 454 Creative?
I have always been drawn to digital marketing because of how accessible it has become and how powerful that access is. Reaching a huge audience used to mean television or print, but now it means a million different things that can work together or on their own. I love learning and understanding new technologies and how they work for different clients in different ways. I also feel the marketing industry is one of the most collaborative environments out there and I love being able to network and discuss with my co-workers and peers.  

Chad Coltman
Creative Director

Chad is the Creative Director, which means he has the privilege of working with our great team of artists and creatives, as well as a broad community of partners, on creative deliverables. He is passionate about organizational health and leadership development, and that means he makes sure everyone in our agency, and the organization itself, has all the tools, resources, support and encouragement needed to succeed.  A graduate of Vanguard University and a Southern California native, Chad comes to 454 Creative after 20 years working in non-profit and community development, bringing with him a strong desire to "do good" for our clients and partners.  

What does Chad love about his work at 454 Creative? 
I love that every day I get to support our clients and our amazing team. Whether it’s diving into strategy on a new campaign, dreaming about a new website or solving a problem, getting to work with our wide range of clients keeps every day new.  And, we have an incredible group of creatives that I get to work alongside and encourage in their unique gifting and talents. It’s fun to have a front-row seat to all the great work we do together. 

Emily Hall
Executive Team Coordinator

Emily is the Executive Team Coordinator and works alongside the Executive Team to assist in coordinating client meetings, event planning for Lean Marketing Insitutute and other agency initatives, like team member appreciation. She is passionate about helping others achieve their goals by providing her support in any way needed. A recent graduate of Vanguard University of Southern California, Emily comes to 454 Creative after studying Psychology and Business, (while currently pursing her Master's Degree) and started her work for 454 as an intern back in 2018.

What does Emily love about her work at 454 Creative?
I love working for a team that serves a wide range of clients from various industries and who values quality over quantity in their work. Every day is different and that keeps us learning and growing. 

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