Lean Marketing Framework™

Turbocharge your marketing by eliminating waste and leveraging all available resources to drive growth.

Modern marketing is painfully wasteful. It’s not because business owners or marketing professionals aren’t paying attention; both are working harder than ever. The simple answer is that the deck is stacked against us. As technology and social media advance, the marketplace has become flooded with overwhelming amounts of data and we don’t always know how to leverage it to our advantage.

Businesses have been coerced into thinking that they must engage in huge amounts of investment into “awareness” campaigns, digital advertising, websites and apps without any clear connection to profitable growth.

It’s time to stop and take back control.

At 454 Creative, we believe every marketing activity should start and end with attribution to Profit and Loss.  In other words, marketing efforts should make you money. We call this method of marketing Lean Marketing and we help you get there through the Lean Marketing Framework.


In order to eliminate waste and gain the momentum needed for more productive work, we believe four essential pillars must be in place. These pillars are the bedrock of the Lean Marketing Framework. They are:

  1. Organizational Clarity and Alignment
  2. Useful Marketing Intelligence
  3. Exceptional Marketing Execution
  4. Continual Optimization


We lead our clients through 4 month-long sprints to quickly develop the Lean Marketing Framework for their businesses and organization. We get it done quickly because we are eager to see you put the philosophy of Lean Marketing to work in your business.

  1. Sprint 1 – Validation [Marketing Analysis]
  2. Sprint 2 – Discovery [Brand Messaging]
  3. Sprint 3 – Build [Customer Journey]
  4. Sprint 4 - Execution [Tactical Planning]

Get in touch with our team today if you're interested in learning more about how the Lean Marketing Framework can transform your digital marketng efforts.