454 Creative / 2014 Christmas Card

While dreaming up a clever ways to spread Christmas cheer to our clients, someone mentioned frozen yogurt...



We love Christmas. We also love frozen yogurt. As we were dreaming up clever ways to spread Christmas cheer to our clients, one of our team members rhymed “Ho! Ho! Ho!” with “Fro-Yo” and thus our 2014 Christmas Card concept was born.


We began our Christmas card creation by doing “market research” at Yogurtland, an essential step in any successful marketing campaign. After sampling just about every flavor and topping, our design team began crafting a simple design that incorporated a Yogurtland gift card and the wild colors of the Yogurtland brand.

Since our concept was simple, we wanted to add a little pizazz to our print. We decided to print the cover with a spot gloss UV on a dull, but vibrant, paper finish. The results were bright and fun.

Measure of Success

Our goal in designing and sending Christmas cards was to make our clients happy by spreading Christmas cheer. In order to tell if our cards were successful, we set a goal of getting unsolicited responses back from our clients thanking us for the gift. Our mission was accomplished.

We didn’t expect any of our clients to turn down free Froyo, but it was nice that they reached out and said "thank you." Making our clients happy makes us happy.