Catalyst Technology Corporation / Branding + Sales Decks + Website + Explainer Videos

Working side-by-side with the Catalyst Team, we worked on a range of marketing initiatives to support their new product launch and corporate branding efforts. 

Catalyst Technology Corporation is a software provider to businesses and organizations using NetSuite and Connectwise Manage. Their product suite offers integrations and automations to simplify workflows and their consulting services help customers migrate and onboard NetSuite products. By their own admission, they love NetSuite... maybe a little too much!  But more than NetSuite, Catalyst loves delivering solutions to their customers that change their game, make them market leaders, and make their lives a little easier.  

The Catalyst philosophy: They keep it simple, work smart, and hold themselves accountable to the end results.  

It’s this mindset that made them a great fit to work with 454 Creative. Like them, we love to help others change the game and grow into market leaders. In fact, it was as Catalyst was preparing to grow themselves and launch their new ConnectWise Manage integration that we worked together to develop a number of marketing initiatives to support their growth. We came alongside their team to develop their corporate branding, launch a simple website within their budget, deploy an email campaign in Hubspot, create product branding for their new suite of products, and produce one-page sales sheets and multi-page sales decks for their sales team members. 

Additionally, we felt we needed to find a compelling way to communicate the power of their software platforms, so we produced a series of animated explainer videos, one for each product, to make simple sense of their complex solutions. Script writing, concepts and storyboards, music and voiceover work all come together in three fun and interesting animations to support their growth. 

We’re grateful for clients like Catalyst and the opportunities for partnership. Maybe you’re interested in learning more about Catalyst, or maybe you want to start a similar project with 454 Creative. Either way, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team today.