People Embracing People (PEP) / Website Development + SEO

Darling Agency & 454 Creative collaborated to provide website development for a NY advertising campaign for People Embracing People.



Darling Agency, NYC, a trusted partner to 454 Creative, collaborated with our team to provide website development for an extensive advertising campaign for People Embracing People, an initiative of Maranatha Human Services in New York.

PEP is a non-profit organization whose mission is to place individuals with developmental disabilities into caregivers’ homes as an alternative to traditional options. PEP strives to bring people together through care, companionship, and compensation.


454 Creative worked with Darling Agency to develop PEP’s website in Wordpress, an open source content management system (CMS) in a short timespan. Darling Agency provided the designs and our team coded the site with responsive design for optimal viewing on all modern devices. 454 Creative developed the prerequisite quiz using Wufoo, an online form builder, to ensure data would never get lost as PEP searched for qualified candidates to join their cause.

Once the website was launched, 454 Creative worked with Darling Agency to help PEP get found in organic search. Through geo-targeted online ads, on-page search engine optimization, and establishing PEP's presence in multiple non-profit directories, our team helped PEP appear in search and their rank has grown significantly. 

“The people at 454 Creative are knowledgeable and accommodating, making the process of building an online presence productive and easy.

Josh Schweser
Design Director at Darling Agency


Through the advertising efforts of Darling Agency, PEPs exposure is growing and more and more people are completing the online intake form to become a caregiver. In addition, PEP's online presence continues to grow with measurable results. 

Working with Darling Agency on such a meaningful initiative is fulfilling on a personal level within our team. We love the people at Darling Agency and we were honored to join them on this project. We’re thrilled to see PEP grow and provide purposeful alternatives to caregiving and we hope to continue working on similarly important projects that have powerful and positive ramifications across the country.