Reveel Group / Shipping Rate Increase Guide


Meet Reveel! Since 2006, this team has been dedicated to providing Shipping Intelligence® for the smartest business decisions possible. Their zero-risk services have saved clients millions of dollars in shipping fees. In a year of unexpected twists and turns for major carriers Reveel remained anchored in their effort to provide the best resources to shipping and logistics professionals. At the end of each year Reveel releases its Shipping Rate Increase Guide which outlines carrier rate increase. With so much change in the industry this year Reveel knew it was more important than ever to disseminate the Guide far and wide.

Leveraging our expertise in digital sales and marketing we approached the dual task of generating a massive reach and lead acquisition by first designing an exceptional piece of content and second by developing a comprehensive paid and organic plan. Some of the levers we pulled were:

  • LinkedIn Promoted Posts 
  • LinkedIn InMail Campaign
  • Google Remarketing Campaign
  • Organic Social Posting
  • Email Marketing Campaign
  • Landing Page
  • Blog Posts
  • Website Chat Feature
  • Website Pop-Up
  • Video Content

In the end, we were able to increase exposure of the Shippig Rate Increase Guide and generate key leads for Reveel to drive growth in the new year, and support their mission of increasing thier clients’ profitability by empowering them with shipping intelligence and advocating for transparency within the industry.