Sudara / Infographic Design

Social good is as important to us as the work we do on a daily basis, so working with Sudara to shine a light upon the injustices of the world was both an honor and a joy.



For nearly 10 years, Shannon Keith and her team at Sudara have been working towards the empowerment and freedom of women and girls that were being sold into slavery within India's borders. Keith decided to make a difference by creating a safe environment for these women in order to build something of their own. Using a simple sewing pattern and the will to improve the lives of as many women as possible, Sudara created multiple sewing centers and countless amounts of hope and opportunity.


“We are so grateful for the heart and talent represented by the 454 Creative team. They are never afraid to climb into the details with us in order to really make the final product something that truly communicates all the facts and figures in a way that made it visually impactful.”

Shannon Keith
Sudara Founder & CEO

After meeting with the team and discovering their passion for social justice, we were eager to help spread their message using our own creativity. The idea of education was at the forefront, so we designed an infographic that best explained both the plight of the women and what Sudara has done to help them. We worked with Keith's team to identify the best style and color schemes, as to ensure their story was being told as clearly as possible.

Measure of Success

Unlike projects that are designed purely for monetary success, we really wanted this infographic to reach as many people as possible in order to start a conversation. Spreading the word and raising awareness was our goal and to that end, we've made this piece central to various social media campaigns. The thousands of repins, retweets, likes, and shares tells us that this message resonates with Sudara's audience.