UCI Paul Merage School of Business / PPC Campaign Management

Beginning in 2019, our team was tasked with revitalizing over 900 digital pay-per-click ads from UCI’s Paul Merage School of Business. Download our case study to see how we delivered incremental growth year after year!


Beginning in 2019, the 454 Creative Marketing Team inherited over 900 digital pay-per-click ads on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google. These previous digital campaigns were not underperforming, but we knew they had a significant room for growth and improvement when lended new expertise. This was a massive undertaking, as our team meticulously sorted through, experimented, and refined each campaign throughout the course of the school year. We paid special attention to which programs needed additional ad-spend in order to support the schools specific admission goals and marketing strategy.

Monthly meetings were held with the UCI Paul Merage School of Business marketing team to discuss maximizing conversions through specific guidance on ad creative and content, and implemented interactive learning for ad optimization. The Paul Merage Business School needed to fill seats for their business programs, and we were able to deliver incremental growth year after year. 

Download the Case Study to see how our digital campaign delivered results.

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