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Meet the Brand Strategy Team

Jan 06, 2021 by Photo of Chad Coltman

454 Creative is incredibly fortunate to have a Brand Management Team championing the needs of our clients and representing our agency. Led by Director of Brand Strategy Victoria Langton, and along with Brand Manager Sharon Melvin and Brand Coordinator Taylor Miklos, our clients are in good hands with these 3 talented women. To kick off 2021 we thought we’d introduce you to the team and give you a little insight into their work, interests and thoughts on being a part of an all-female team in the world of digital sales and marketing.

Chad Coltman

Why You Should Consider Two Factor Authentication in 2022

Jan 11, 2022 by Photo of Chad Coltman

At the start of this new year, we’re all thinking about ways we can live better. New Year’s resolutions focused on reading more, eating better and getting to the gym motivate us to live healthier in the year ahead. And yet another area of our lives begs for a little bit of extra time and intention to help us live better in 2022, our digital life.

Chad Coltman

The Right Tool for the Job: How to Choose a PPC Platform

Aug 25, 2021 by Photo of Chad Coltman

Understanding the world of digital advertising, or what some may call pay-per-click (PPC), can be a tricky endeavor. Each platform shows promise and is more than willing to spend your marketing dollars, but how do you know which platform is right for your campaign? Is one platform better than another, and if so how do you make the determination?

Chad Coltman

Work from Anywhere

Jul 15, 2021 by Photo of Chad Coltman

“Working from home” is no longer reserved for domestic jobs, the self-employed, or the big dreamers starting the next Apple Computers in their garages. Today, with the internet, laptop computers and cloud-based software, the opportunities for working from home--and anywhere else you’ve got wifi--are abundant. And of course, the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated what was already happening in businesses around the globe, by moving workers from centralized offices to working from anywhere. 

Chad Coltman

Our Operating Principles

Apr 27, 2021 by Photo of Chad Coltman in Inside 454

As a company, we live to embody 3 simple principles in our culture: Make it Awesome, Make it Matter, Make it Happen. These statements shape our work and our relationships. 

Chad Coltman

Meet the Creative Team

Feb 09, 2021 by Photo of Chad Coltman in Inside 454

When you work with 454 Creative, you have an entire team of talented creatives behind your marketing efforts. We're thankful for this group of men and women and all the passion, talent, skill and hard work they bring the job everyday. Take a minute and read what each of them loves about the work they do at 454 Creative for our clients.