NAREIT® / Live Event Production & Webcasting

As the REIT markets continue to grow, NAREIT® turned to 454 Creative as a trusted partner for live event production services and webcasting integration.


NAREIT®, the National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts®, is the worldwide representative voice for REITs and publicly traded real estate companies, with an interest in U.S. real estate and capital markets.

NAREIT® represents a large and diverse industry including equity REITs, which own commercial properties, mortgage REITs, which invest in mortgage securities, REITs traded on major stock exchanges, public non-listed REITs and private REITs. U.S. REITs collectively own nearly $2 trillion of real estate assets and, by making investment in commercial real estate available in the form of stock, REITs enable all investors – importantly, small investors – to achieve what, once, only large institutions and the wealthy could.

As the REIT markets continue to grow, NAREIT® has turned to 454 Creative as a trusted partner for live event production services and webcasting integration. 


NAREIT® organizes large-scale meetings and conferences nationally which require a highly technical and innovative team to provide an evergrowing standard of excellence and creativity while preserving brand integrity and continuity. This value can have huge hurdles considering the availability of AV resources, staffing and, unique challenges that individual venues across the country present. 

454 Creative has developed a unique web platform focused on the REIT industry to meet the video and audio streaming needs of the community. Utilizing HLS streaming technology for iOS compatibility with a load balancing architecture, offers a powerful industry-leading user experience. 

Measure of Success

454 Creative launched the latest feature set improvement for in June of 2015. Within two weeks, over 2,000 active users including industry professionals, institutional investors, individual investors, and industry service providers had created accounts and were actively engaging in content.

The platform continues to grow as further development plans and individual company streaming options are being added. 454 Creative is actively involved in extending the messaging of the REIT community through digital presence technology.