CBC Federal Credit Union / Lean Marketing Framework + Pay-per-click Campaign

In 2020, we teamed up with CBC Federal Credit Union to run a fully digital pay-per-click campaign promoting their Jumbo Real Estate Loans. The campaign resulted in an unexpected 680% return on advertising spend! Check out the results


CBC Federal Credit Union has been serving members of Ventura County since 1952. Their mission has been to empower members along their financial journey through personalized and innovative service. CBC Federal Credit Union pride themselves on having a variety of personal services to fit their members' needs. They offer checkings/savings accounts, retirement options, loans, and much more.

In 2020, CBC Federal Credit Union teamed up with 454 Creative to run a 100% digital campaign promoting their Jumbo Real Estate Loans. We focused on making CBC one of the forefront options for people looking to refinance their homes. Using the learnings from their Lean Marketing Framework, we chose to run a Google Keywords campaign, selecting search terms and optimizing their ads to focus the audience and expand the reach to potential clientele looking to fund their home loans. 

As a result, over 89,900 impressions were made in online advertisement appearances. This led to 5,190 prospects checking out the product, and 57 conversions completing loan applications. The campaign culminated in a jump from 6 loans funded in 2019, to 52 loans funded in 2020 directly attributed to the campaign. CBC Federal Credit Union is expecting to yield a whopping 680% return on advertising spend! 

We look forward to continuing our relationship with CBC Federal Credit Union as we help them serve their current and future members, and the Ventura County community.