Villa Park Landscape / Re-Brand, Brand Guide & Website Refresh

Our team partnered with Villa Park Landscape to completely rebrand their company to better reflect their culture and differentiate their services in the industry. 

For nearly 40 years, Villa Park Landscape (VPL) has been providing sustainable landscape design and maintenance services to businesses and communities throughout Southern California. They are family-owned and operated with a focus on excellence and the goal of being number one in their industry.

Villa Park Landscape came to 454 Creative in need of an all new look to refresh their branding and design. After 38 years in the industry with the same look and feel, they wanted to re-create their brand to better reflect their business and the people that make up VPL. 

454 Creative worked alongside the VLP team to give their company a fresh and intentional look with new brand messaging and brand identity. This accompanied designing a new logo, brand style guide, various collateral pieces, and refreshing their website. 


Full Brand Transformation

To start the process, we invited them into a Brand Messaging sprint because we know all good branding begins with powerful messaging. We drafted and defined their value propositions, and tone of voice to lay the foundation. Every piece of messaging creates cohesion and uniqueness for Villa Park to communicate who they are. 

A company logo is the most prominent visual that will define who your company is — so we got to work on a new VPL logo! Our creative team presented multiple logo design options to see which resonated the most. We love the final logo design that was chosen to represent them. We added brand colors and typography to make this logo come to life. 

Having an excellent and working Brand Guide is your blueprint for successful branding. This creates an aligned and sustainable resource that internal teams and vendors can tap into to maintain cohesive branding across all initiatives. 

Villa Park Landscape is family-founded, family-run, and invested in their local communities. Because they are such a personalized company, we aimed for their branding to reflect this culture that differentiates them from their competitors. 


Implementing the New Brand 

With VPL now having a fresh logo, messaging, and brand, our team got to work on designing print and digital collateral to showcase their new look. 

We developed a range of pieces like brochures, trade show banners, a new slideshow for the office lobby, reports delivered to clients, templates and plans for VPL’s services, social media posts, and more! When we rebrand for a client, it is important to be intentional about refreshing every piece of marketing and collateral to create cohesion and connectivity for their audience. 

To also align with the new branding direction, we refreshed the VPL website to provide a seamless experience for visitors. This involved showcasing the new logo, brand visual elements, and brand messaging prominently on the site. We integrated new branding and photos to engage users and connect them with the brand culture.


“We have been getting such a great response about the new brand – both from clients and our team. Everyone is really happy with it! [454 Creative] really knocked it out of the park!” 

- Valerie Hernandez, Director of Marketing, Villa Park Landscape 

We are committed to maintaining and strengthening our partnership with Villa Park as we continue our design and lead more projects with them. 

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