Lakani World Tours / Website Development

454 Creative designed and developed a refreshed website for Lakani World Tours.



Lakani World Tours provides luxury travel all over the world, taking passengers on once-in-a-lifetime trips throughout hidden corners of the globe. Their brand has been associated with quality and class for years, but their website wasn’t the best reflection of that level of sophistication. It also posed a bit of a productivity challenge, as the aged WordPress installation had become bogged down with plug-ins, multiple updates, and was in much need of a refresh.

Lakani came to 454 Creative and asked for help in building a new website that both reflected their brand and would help their employees update their constantly growing portfolio of trips and travels.


We chose WordPress as the preferred platform to build their completely custom site, given Lakani’s familiarity and its ease of use. But we went totally custom with it, stripping out unnecessary functionality and bloated processes, leaving a streamlined experience built for updates on-the-fly. We also needed to make it easier for customers to discover the myriad of amazing trips Lakani offered, so a robust site search was implemented, proving to knock down another wall between wanting to plan a trip and actually stepping aboard a luxury jet.

We developed a color profile that helped make Lakani’s values pop, as each banner, logo, and font choice instills a sense of skill and class. The large format photos transport you to another world, showcasing what makes each destination so special. When packaged together, you have a website that feels less like a catalogue and more like a living, breathing map.

Measure of Success

The primary goal of this engagement was to give Lakani a website they felt comfortable using, for both their staff and their clientele. Our custom design accomplished that and they have been actively engaged with constant updates and content delivery.

454 Creative joined Lakani on a trip in 2015, fulfilling a Digital Concierge role that their clients found extremely helpful. We experienced first-hand just how professional and accommodating their luxury travel can be and were blown away by the custom experiences waiting for us at each destination. We can’t speak highly enough of the work Lakani does and hope you think of them when planning your next travel adventure!