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454 Podcast - Why “No” is our second favorite answer with Chris Jennings

Apr 05, 2018

454 Podcast - Why “No” is our second favorite answer with Chris Jennings



In today's episode, Paul sits down with Chris Jennings of Sandler Sales Institute to discuss some of the finer points of how to approach sales from a consultative position. Chris's systematic approach to sales puts the clients' best interest first and empowers the sales person to properly navigate business development conversations to quickly reach a "Yes" or "No."

Chris Jennings has been coaching sales people in Orange County for over 22 years.

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Chris Jennings | Owner of Chris Jennings Group, Irvine CA

Chris was first introduced to the Sandler Sales Institute® in 1994, and after extensive investigation and being satisfied the Sandler approach was the most effective method available for increasing one's sales potential, he opened the Irvine office. To date Chris has assisted thousands of companies and individuals in their efforts to increase their sales effectiveness in distinct measurable results. Chris takes personal satisfaction in having the opportunity to work with each of his clients as they achieve their goals.

Paul Bresenden | President of 454 Creative

Paul is an industry veteran who has designed and strategized for leading organizations around the globe. With over 13 years in business, Paul leads 454 Creative with his broad expertise in web development, technology, strategy, social media, advertising, and production environments. Paul helps businesses connect marketing, sales, and technology to produce measurable and effective results for success. 




454 Podcast - Why “No” is our second favorite answer with Chris Jennings in CEO Coaching

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