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Last Chance Email For Sales Accepted Leads

Sep 11, 2018

Last Chance Email For Sales Accepted Leads
Prospect: “Would you please put together a proposal for me? This sounds really interesting!”
You: “Of course!”
[After several hours (or days) of work a proposal is delivered]
Prospect: Radio Silence

In almost every decision, someone is pushing on “yes” and someone is pushing on “no”.  In sales, we assume that it’s the salesperson’s role to push on “yes”.  However, the position of power lies with the ability to say “no”.

The last chance email is designed for the express purpose of pushing on “no”.  It’s the most appropriate response for any self-respecting organization and facilitates open dialog that frees up the prospect to have an honest and helpful conversation.

If you don’t want to appear desperate in the sales process (desperation never looks good), close out deals in your CRM that are artificially inflating your pipeline, and get honest clarity that allows you to close more deals – implement the Last Chance process into your Sales Accepted Lead marketing playbook. 

Honestly, it’s one of the smallest investments with the largest impact.

Download our Last Chance template below!

Last Chance Email For Sales Accepted Leads by Photo of Paul BresendenPaul Bresenden in CEO Coaching

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