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454 Creative is now a Hubspot Solutions Partner

Sep 07, 2021

454 Creative is now a Hubspot Solutions Partner

Creating a relationship with your prospects and customers is an essential function of modern marketing. More than just promotions and communications, the role of marketing is to build rapport and nurture that rapport as a lead is handed off to sales. However, in order to nurture leads through a funnel, it's critical to implement a system that is capable of managing the lead data and tracking the success of each marketing tactic to move that lead towards a sale. While you might be able to monitor the performance of your campaigns in their respective platforms (Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) from a high level, at some point you must move those leads into a system you own or you are essentially renting that data with your ad spend each month. 

As you may have already guessed, what we're talking about here is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Marketing Automation. When it comes to Marketing Technology, 454 Creative strives to be technologically agnostic because choosing the right tool for the job is far more important than an allegiance to a specific vendor. That said, building relationships and gaining expertise with specific technology partners is an important aspect of our success and thus our clients' success as well. 

We are excited to announce that in August 2021, 454 Creative officially became a certified HubSpot Solutions Partner. We have used HubSpot with a number of clients over the years and have been impressed with the technology and team behind this versatile Marketing Automation and CRM platform. While we've been providing strategic guidance and managing other marketing automation platforms for quite some time, this partnership marks another step forward for our agency in maximizing the impact of our work and tactically addressing the customer journey.

Becoming a HubSpot Solutions Partner means that 454 Creative will have access to HubSpot's team of experts and their vast library of resources to pass along to our clients. It also means we get to deepen our relationship with the HubSpot Team and deepen our knowledge of the platform and how to build engines for growth.   

If you're interested in learning more about Marketing Automation strategy or how implementing a CRM can increase your Customer Lifetime Value, we'd love to talk.

454 Creative is now a Hubspot Solutions Partner

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