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454 Creative’s 20 Years of Growth

May 12, 2023

454 Creative’s 20 Years of Growth

May 2023 represents 454 Creative’s 20th year in business! For those that don’t know the whole story, 454 Creative was born in 2003 in President and CEO Paul Bresenden’s hot, windowless attic in Whittier, California. From the beginning, we were focused on helping companies grow by leveraging the power of the internet. At first, that meant developing leading-edge websites using the latest tools and technologies (which of course seem quite antiquated today!) for companies to establish their online presence, many for the first time ever. The early days of our agency planted the seeds for the company we are today, always pioneering, innovating, questioning, and learning. Every day felt like we were learning or inventing something new, and that spirit continues today. 

On the surface, the 454 Creative of today looks different from the one in that attic. We’ve upgraded our offices (a few times over now) and we’ve expanded the team to include a broad range of expertise and talent. We’ve diversified our offerings beyond website development to become a full-service creative agency and defined our methodologies and approach to marketing. We’ve served a range of clients from across industries and around the world. We’ve sharpened our skills and gained efficiency along the way. We’ve grown and gotten better. 

But under the hood, our heart and passion is still helping others grow. In fact, in developing our own Lean Marketing Framework and evaluating our Brand Messaging, we’ve stated our 1-word value proposition is Growth. We exist so that others can grow. Not just our clients, but our team members, their families, and our community of creative partners. 

A former employee says this about his time working at 454 Creative:

Perhaps the most valuable lesson I learned was that sometimes you need to push yourself outside of your comfort zone. Saying yes to new challenges and taking on tasks that seemed daunting at first helped me to learn and grow in ways that I never thought possible. Looking back on my time at 454 Creative, I am thankful for the opportunities I had to learn and grow both personally and professionally. The experience has helped me to become the person I am today, and I am grateful for the lessons and experiences that have come along the way.

And a recent client remarks about their own growth working with our team:

The 454 Creative Team built my company a new pitch deck and website. The content, graphics, and copy all aligned with one another harmoniously. They helped my company build a consistent message and it has resulted in us winning some significant business. Every dollar we have spent has been returned nearly 10x'd!! Their speed to completion, thoroughness, and ability to understand my company was second to none!

These stories of growth motivate us and fuel our efforts. Looking over our shoulders at the last 20 years, we’re grateful for the larger story of lasting growth we’ve been able to be a part of, through all the seasons and ups and downs. Thank you all for the chance to do fulfilling and meaningful work fueling your growth. 

Cheers to the last 20, and the next 20 too!

454 Creative’s 20 Years of Growth by Photo of Chad ColtmanChad Coltman in Digital Marketing & Inside 454

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