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Our CEO’s Must-Read Book Recommendations

Sep 10, 2018 by Photo of 454 Creative in CEO Coaching

Many CEO's have an incredible obsession with learning. Our CEO, Paul Bresenden, is no exception. On average, PB reads a new book every week. Here are his “must-read” recommendations for 2018.

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HubSpot Essential Workflows Webinar

May 11, 2023 by Photo of 454 Creative in Digital Marketing

We'd love to invite you to a Hubspot For Credit Unions exclusive webinar detailing the Eight Essential Hubspot Plays To Turbocharge Your Growth hosted by Paul Bresenden on Wednesday, May 31st from 9:00 am - 10:00 am PDT! 

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The 454 Marketing Library Explained

Apr 13, 2023 by Photo of 454 Creative in Digital Marketing

These last few months our CEO Paul Bresenden, along with our Brand Strategy Team, have picked up a few marketing books that have offered fresh perspectives, new tactics and deep expertise. We know that there is so much content out there, and if you value learning like we do, we narrowed down our top four books that we would recommend adding to your marketing library this year. 

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Podcasts we Love for 2022

Feb 02, 2022 by Photo of 454 Creative in CEO Coaching

Start off your February by tuning into a few recommended podcasts that will make you laugh, make you think, and challenge you to think differently about life (and digital marketing too, of course!)

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Our CEO’s Must-Read Book Recommendations

Aug 11, 2021 by Photo of 454 Creative

Great #leaders are great learners. If you're looking for some great recommendations, here are some of Paul's best reads from 2021.

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454 Creative’s Digital Audit Programs

Jun 21, 2021 by Photo of 454 Creative in Inside 454

Have you ever wondered why your company isn't ranking well in search results? Have you read about the lawsuits targeting companies whose websites weren't ADA compliant? Do you know if there is room for improvement on your paid digital ads? Questions like these can be answered with a range of Audit Programs offered by 454 Creative. From SEO to ADA compliance, our team of experts can look under the hood of your digital marketing and tell you where a tune-up might be needed.

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Nobody Likes Their Leads

Apr 14, 2021 by Photo of 454 Creative in Lean Marketing Institute

Are you happy with the quality of your leads? Do you have clarity on how to define a lead and what stage of the customer journey you're engaging with each lead at? 

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Email Marketing Best Practices

Jul 14, 2020 by Photo of 454 Creative

The world of email marketing can be overwhelming with a LOT of information to learn. Here's an overview of some of the most important things you should be considering when designing and building email campaigns!

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454 Podcast - The Vision behind Rockharbor’s New Website

Mar 06, 2019 by Photo of 454 Creative in CEO Coaching

Welcome to Episode 2 of our podcast - In this episode, we'll learn how our team at 454 Creative worked alongside Rockharbor Church to help them reimagine their content strategy and develop a dynamic new website.  Paul sits down with Chad Coltman, Director of Operations, Joe Benson, Director of Technology, Josh Philips, Graphic Design and Parker Munson, Content Manager, to discuss how our Web Audit and Assessment processes and Lean Marketing Framework principles transformed how their team thinks about their online presence.

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Implementing Lean Marketing: Basic Principles To Get Started

Nov 05, 2018 by Photo of 454 Creative in Lean Marketing Framework

Congratulations on making the first steps to implement Lean Marketing at your organization. We’ve put together this guide as a way to bring clarity to the operating principles and job function for the marketing team. However, these principles have broad benefit to the entire organization and should be implemented cohesively with the leadership team. Learn the system and execute with diligence. Occasionally, omitting a single step can invalidate the entire system

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Start At Zero - Budgeting & Strategic Planning for the New Year

Dec 19, 2018 by Photo of 454 Creative in Lean Marketing Framework

As you begin your annual marketing strategy and budgeting process, consider pushing reset and start at zero for both strategy and budgeting.

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Why your marketing should be operating in Sprints.

Oct 22, 2018 by Photo of 454 Creative in Lean Marketing Framework

Most organizations have a "hunker down and get stuff done" philosophy.  Here’s why sprints have HUGE advantages for your marketing team compared to a traditional "get it done" structure.

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What you should know about GDPR

May 01, 2018 by Photo of 454 Creative in CEO Coaching

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an important regulation coming through the European Union that all organizations in the United States should be prepared for. With less than a month left until the deadline for compliance on May 25th, 2018, 454 Creative’s CEO, Paul Bresenden, has put together a video on transactional vs. promotional emails, data collection, and how GDPR affects your business directly.

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How to Keep Your Sales Process from Being Hijacked by “Potential” Partnerships

Aug 08, 2018 by Photo of 454 Creative in CEO Coaching

We are always getting calls and emails from different people that are wanting to become referral sources. Unfortunately, these introductions pose as prospects and have been taking up more and more of our partners time. It seems to be a waste of time, rarely do they actually refer clients or the the people they refer are not a good fit for us. Keep your sales process from being hijacked by "potential" partnerships.

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FREE Downloadable Employee High-Fives

Jul 10, 2018 by Photo of 454 Creative in Inside 454

High fives are more than a slap of hands. They connote teamwork, accomplishment, and excitement. Here at 454 Creative, we like to give high fives to celebrate when our team members go above and beyond.

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Why NPS Should Be Part of your Marketing Playbook

Jun 22, 2018 by Photo of 454 Creative in Marketing Playbook

We believe every organization should run their marketing initiatives from a playbook.  One of the most powerful plays to run for existing customers (we also use it in the sales process once a proposal is sent) is an NPS survey process

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You like us. You really like us!

Jan 23, 2017 by Photo of 454 Creative in Inside 454

Our work on Kamalani Living's website was recognized at a national awards show and we want to brag (just a little) about it!

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How Much Should I Spend on My Ad Campaign?

Aug 15, 2023 by Photo of 454 Creative in Digital Marketing

One question that people often ask is “How much should be spent on ads?” Determining the cost of ads is a crucial decision that does not have a one-size-fits-all answer. There are many factors to consider when budgeting for a digital ad campaign, so we laid out some key considerations to give you a framework as you make your decision. 

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Golf for a Great Cause!

Sep 19, 2016 by Photo of 454 Creative in Inside 454

We are proud to announce our sponsorship for the Strength in Support Golf Tournament benefiting veterans and their families throughout Southern California. Would you like to join us?

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We’re Moving to Irvine

Jun 20, 2016 by Photo of 454 Creative

454 Creative is moving to Irvine, CA...THIS WEEK!

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Christy Got Hitched

Jun 15, 2016 by Photo of 454 Creative in Inside 454

On May 7th, our Account Manager, Christy Polek, said "I do!" and became Mrs. Christy Allen! 

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Welcome Baby Everly Hope Bresenden!

Jun 15, 2016 by Photo of 454 Creative in Inside 454

Paul Bresenden, owner and CEO of 454 Creative, and his wife welcomed their second child, Everly Hope, on March 7th!

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We’re Growing!

Jan 06, 2016 by Photo of 454 Creative in Inside 454

454 Creative is happy to announce that we have hired a new Account Manager, Christy Polek and promoted our very own designer, Tanya Dimapindan, to Art Director!

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Introducing Our New Logo

Oct 12, 2015 by Photo of 454 Creative in Inside 454

At the beginning of 2015, we began to feel like our existing logo was starting to look outdated and didn’t excite us as much as it used to. We wanted a change, but understood that having brand consistency and staying recognizable to our clients was essential to our business. So, instead of rolling out a completely new idea, we decided to perform a logo refresh.

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Why You Should Move the Marketing Team into the Finance Office

Mar 28, 2019 by Photo of 454 Creative in Lean Marketing Framework

We often think of marketing and finance as being worlds apart from each other. While both hold essential business functions, marketing and finance can exist in parallel dimensions and seldom interact. However, this way of working is outdated, inefficient and painfully wasteful. The new paradigm of marketing is moving from communication and promotion into one of being a predictable driver of growth for the organization.