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Who will I work with at 454 Creative, and what expertise will they bring?

Nov 06, 2023

Who will I work with at 454 Creative, and what expertise will they bring?

When you partner with 454 Creative, you'll be assigned a Brand Strategist who will connect you with our agency's expertise and ensure the disciplined execution of agreed-upon tactics. 

Working alongside you, your Brand Strategist will develop a comprehensive plan and specific strategies tailored to your goals. Depending on your chosen tactics, the necessary experts will be assigned to complete the work. If required, the creative team members will attend meetings to engage in detailed discussions related to the work at hand. Alternatively, the brand strategist will collaborate internally with the creative team members and present the work for your feedback and approval.

At 454 Creative, our team works together to craft and implement powerful marketing tactics, continually growing and improving through shared knowledge and industry insights.

Our brand strategy team combines their understanding of your company's goals with marketing best practices to establish an overarching strategy, specific marketing tactics, and granular learning loops. 

Our project management team orchestrates all the work that 454 Creative completes by building guided tasks, monitoring progress, and prioritizing tasks. 

Our design team utilizes their knowledge of your brand, design trends, and best practices to create compelling visuals that engage your potential members or students.

Our technology team applies their understanding of modern web development, platforms, and applications to implement functional, trackable, and reliable systems for your marketing and sales efforts. 

Our digital ads team implements the latest developments in ad campaign strategy, platform updates, and regulation restrictions to create, launch, and optimize your ad campaigns. 

Finally, our executive team develops industry-specific strategies to tackle marketing and sales challenges, including solutions for particularly difficult obstacles.


“Our partnership with 454 has proven invaluable. Their innovative, cross-team approach has resulted in premium content that can be used to better engage our donors, partners, and families. We will continue to partner with them in the future.”

- Beckie White |  Marketing & Communications Manager at Kidworks 


454 Creative’s areas of focus include branding, digital advertising, website development and maintenance, social media planning and implementation, marketing automation, content creation, brand messaging, digital marketing analysis, and customer journey mapping.

Interested in learning more about how we can partner with you on your marketing initiatives? Click our calendar link here to schedule a call today!

Who will I work with at 454 Creative, and what expertise will they bring? by Photo of Sharon MelvinSharon Melvin in Inside 454

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